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Hi, my name is Sarah Rodriguez and I grew up in Whittier, CA. I am a second year student who is pre-majoring in Public Affairs and minoring in Chicana/o and Central American Studies. One of my favorite spots on campus is the sculpture garden and my favorite dining hall is Rende. What I love about Luskin and the Public Affairs major the most is how interdisciplinary it is. I never get bored with all the new diverse things Luskin has to teach me. The major feels very well rounded to me and there has not been one moment where I have regretted my decision to choose this major. I’ll admit my first impression of Public Affairs was not the best since my very first Public Affairs class was PA 40. Microeconomics was not my best strength. I am glad I made it through that class because I was exposed to other Luskin students who were very kind to me. If I were to give my freshman-self any advice it would be to get more involved in non-academic activities. UCLA is full of extracurriculars that can provide so many connections to amazing people. There are so many groups on this campus that can create a community. I wish I had known this sooner. 

I’m Heidy! I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I’m a second year Majoring in Public Affairs, and hoping to double major in Sociology and minoring in Chicana/o and Central American Studies. My favorite spot is Powell, and my favorite dining spot is The Study. The thing I love most about Luskin is the students and how passionate they are about issues they care about. The community within Public Affairs major is very close and supporting. My first impression of the Public Affairs major was a very nice introduction to the major. The first class I took was Public Affairs 80 “How Environments Shape Human Development”, and it was one of the most interesting and engaging courses I have taken during my first year. An advice I would give my Freshman year -self I would be that growth and improvement happen through time. Taking time to adjust to the college environment and curriculum happens to everyone at a different pace. Always be kind to yourself, especially during a virtual learning experience. 

We are is excited to be LUSA's blog post chairs and cannot wait to share more with the Luskin student body!

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